About Us

Support PCs is a London, UK based computer hardware and software repair business that specializes in website design, virus removal, computer repair, and data recovery. The company is run by Jamie Edwards. With years of experience and even more dedication, Support PCs has the ability to help fix your computer woes.

We work to provide our customers with every possible solution to the problems that they deal with each and every day regarding their computers. Computers are delicate machines that can experience problems at the drop of a hat. It is our goal to provide customers with a comprehensive computer repair company that they can rely on to help remedy nearly every issue that they may be having with their computers.

Computers are a miraculous thing but they do have hiccups every now and again. At Support PCs we work to find out just what is going wrong so that it can be repaired quickly, efficiently, and effectively so that you can get your computer up and working faster. Support PCs is based in London and works to serve those in the London area. We work to help fix your computers so that you can get back to work.

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