Casino Online And their Most Common Viruses

Our team at Support PCs regularly discovers new types of viruses on the computers of our clients. Everyday, more and more viruses are circulating in the world wide web and it’s getting harder to track them down. Support PCs is specialized in tracking down dangerous viruses and removing them from your computer. In order to offer this type of service, we often need to research the activity of new developed viruses. Our team is trained to notice strange errors and activity in software and they are also aware of the negative effects of different kind of viruses. Currently, the amount of viruses are countless, but we still are dedicated to discover the new ones. This article shows the most common viruses that can be found in a system.

Adware is the most common virus infection to your computer system which is using your browser for advertising, for example for casino online or other entertainment purposes. The goal of the Adware program is to advertise for free and can access the system unnoticed. Most free software download websites are unreliable, since the Adware is hiding is this particular kind of websites. There are different kind of Adware programs and every program has its own way to advertise. Some Adware viruses will use annoying pop up advertisements, the other ones can redirect the users to another website. This virus can also spy on the internet behavior of its user, by saving the IP address, unique identification number and visited URLs. Symptoms of this virus are a slow working browser, annoying advertisement and browser redirections.

False Antivirus
False Antivirus, or as we like to call it Scareware, is a virus which is capable of imitating computer security scans in order to scare the internet users. This virus will look like a security warning from your own personal system, but is in fact the false antivirus notification. In some cases, they will try to convince you that an casino online virus tries to infiltrate your system, but in fact they are the ones who are doing it. This notification is forcing users to buy an extra virus protection and after this happened successfully, cyber criminals will get access to the user’s bank account. Eventually, this is the main goal of the developers of this computer virus. They can also steal your private information, tracking your online activity and other dangerous ways to infiltrate your personal life.

How to protect your system from viruses
Make sure your computer system is always updated and your virus scans are up and running all the time. One click on the wrong button can already cause a lot of damage to your system, but also to your personal life. Don’t click on fake advertisements of casino online or other gaming platforms in order to protect your own safety. If you noticed strange errors or activity in your computer system, please contact Support PCs. We can make sure that after your visit to our company your computer will be completely up and running.

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